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About Pixels of Light

Pixels of Light - Joel Park

“Who is God, and what is He like?”

“Can I know God, and how do I relate to Him?”


Pixels of Light seeks to help the willing mind answer truthfully the great questions of life concerning the God of the Bible.


Pixels of Light Ministries exists to stir the mind of the Christian who wants to think more deeply, as well as to provide the curious unbeliever ideas about God that make sense and correspond with reality.


Since giving his life to Christ, Joel Park has had a heart for evangelism and discipleship.  Discussing the deep things of God with others for the purpose of helping “the lightbulb turn on” in another’s mind is what he enjoys most.  He has a background in video production and creative media.


“But the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.”  1 Timothy 1:5


"Pixels of Light produces thoughtful and engaging content in pursuit of Biblical truth."

   - Warren McGrew, Idol Killer


“We have been following the life and ministry of Joel & Kali Park, of Pixels of Light, for more than 20 years. Their creative approach to delivering the truth of the gospel is really refreshing, and they not only have mad skills in video and creative communication, but are serious followers of Jesus and students of scripture and church history. We try never to miss a new offering from “Pixels” and often share them or use them in our own ministry. From Joel’s teaching on the atonement to their kid-oriented videos like “Chocolate Covered Stuff,” we couldn’t be more excited about this media ministry and are looking forward to the great things that the Lord has in store for them.”

   - Jim & Dee Patton, Ministry of Helps


“Ever since I first checked them out, Pixels of Light has been a big encouragement in my relationship with God. Joel has a way with using the medium of film to creatively express otherwise complex ideas in simple, fun ways. He seems to approach each project with an intentionality and purpose to build up and inspire the viewer - wherever they may be on their spiritual journey.”

   - Daniel A.


“Pixels of Light has creative and interesting videos. Joel does a great job in explaining key biblical concepts through the usage of creative examples that make it easier for anyone to understand. They have been of great help to me.”

   - David F.


"Whether through videos or the timely book and author suggestions, Pixels of Light has helped me not only in ministry but in my own walk with Jesus. The simplicity with which topics are explained is so refreshing"

   - Bradley H.


“I'm able to get beautiful videos and learn at the same time. I find it easy to learn with videos so full of light and messages to further my journey. Thanks.”

   -LaRon, G Konsciousness

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