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The Secret Wheel of Gold

Can you find The Secret Wheel of Gold in this fully-animated short? Join Earl as he enters the bonus round and hopes to find and spin The Secret Wheel of Gold!

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Father/Son Book Review of Signature in the Cell

Joel and his son discuss the book, Signature in the Cell, by Stephen C. Meyer.  Sciency talk and math jokes abound.

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Chocolate Covered Stuff...and Sugar Frosted Things

The Chocolate Covered Stuff may taste great, but what’s inside? When you make a choice, there are inevitable consequences you are also choosing.

What Is a Word.jpg

What is a Word?

A word is a means of communicating an idea from one person's mind to another. How does God communicate His thoughts to our minds?

PL Analog 01 YT 720.jpg

Analog: What's Your End?

Means and ends.  Is God your end or just a means to something else?

007 Bigger Burger WEB.png

Bigger Burger - Total Depravity and Man's Ability

We often exaggerate for good reasons. However, when describing man’s moral depravity, anything less or MORE than what is true creates confusion.

004 Law Physical and Moral YT0_edited.jpg

Law: Physical & Moral

What are laws, and how does God govern the world through them?

PL Analog 003 YT 720.png

Analog:  The Moon is There

God is fully there, and whether you know Him or not, you already have a personal relationship with Him.

008 Mind and Morality thumbnail.png

Mind and Morality

Can we observe the activities of our own minds?  A silly primer on mental philosophy.

006 Its in the Can 062419 YT.jpg

It's In The Can

Is every meticulous event in the universe ultimately determined and caused by God, even our own free “choices”?

002 In Sin Did My Mother Conceive Me YT0_edited.png

In Sin Did My Mother Conceive Me - Psalm 51:5

Psalm 51:5 is a popular verse in support of the doctrine of original sin. This video brings context to Psalm 51, drawing from the history of David’s family tree and the circumstances of his conception.

PL Analog 02 YT 720.jpg

Analog: Shell or Substance

To what shape is your mind is being conformed? Are you focused on knowing God, or knowing ABOUT God?

Wash your heart YT thumbnail.jpg

Wash Your Heart

A historical, world-changing, scientific discovery helps teach us an even more important spiritual principal concerning the Christian life.

PL Analog 005 YT 720.png

Analog:  A.W. Tozer - Leaning Into The Wind

This is an audio reading of the article, "Leaning Into The Wind", by A. W. Tozer, with complete text from the article on-screen.

Do You Love the Truth TOON YT thumbnail20.png

Do You Love The Truth?

Everyone approves of the idea of truth. However, knowing what is true and living what is true is often inconsistent on a personal level. How do you know if you really love the truth?

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Augustine and Free Will

In this interview, Dennis Carroll examines in-depth the topic of free will and gives context to the historical figures who have shaped our modern idea of the Christian doctrine.

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