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It’s In The Can - Discussion Questions

  1. What is “Exhaustive Divine Determinism”?

  2. Could you have answered the previous question differently?

  3. If God has determined a certain outcome, can you choose differently?

  4. Did you “like” the video and subscribe to Pixels of Light on YouTube?  If not, before proceeding, choose differently, and go do that now.

  5. If your current words and thoughts concerning the video were originated in the mind of God and determined to be exactly as they are, are they really your thoughts and words?

  6. Isn’t Joel’s daughter the cutest?

  7. From an author’s perspective, can a character in a script choose other than what is written?  Whose perspective is representative of reality: the author's or the character’s?

  8. Should comfort be our standard to determine what we are willing to believe?  Why or why not?  What should be our standard?

  9. Should a person be found guilty for something someone else caused?

  10. Why does the mind and conscience of man affirm that we can make real moral choices?  Who designed our minds and consciences?

  11. Would a good God design the human mind to naturally deceive each person?

  12. If Exhaustive Divine Determinism is true, but our basic self-consciousness only affirms the opposite, can we ever really know or believe anything?

  13. In reference to question 12:  Is this the outlook that the Bible tells Christians to accept?  Read John 8:30-32.

  14. If determinism is true, can you choose it?  If determinism is false, can you reject it?

  15. Fun fact for people too young to remember:  Celluloid film cannot be re-recorded over.  Magnetic mediums like VHS and cassette tape can be re-recorded over.  Is the future “in the can”, or can we change how the future plays out?  Can God change how the future plays out?

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