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eBook: A Handbook for Followers of Jesus

By Winkie Pratney, this classic book was impactful during the "Jesus Movement" of the 1970's yet contains timeless principles for the Jesus-follower today.

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Audiobook/eBook: Four Trojan Horses of Humanism

This must-read work by Harry Conn helps develop a Christian worldview regarding how Humanism currently influences our thoughts in Western society.

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Audiobook/eBook: It All Adds Up To Love

A simple overview of the theology that was the impetus of the greatest American revivals of the Second Great Awakening under Charles G. Finney.  By J.W. Jepson.


eBook: Popular Christianity

By co-founder of the Salvation Army, Catherine Booth, this book is a collection of some of her best, practical sermons on Christian-living, soul-winning, and having God's heart.

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