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Do You Love the Truth? - Discussion Questions

1.  What do we call someone who does what they tell others not to do?

2.  Does ignoring the truth do away with the reality of what is true?

3.  Do you really believe something if you merely agree with it, but do not live it out?

4 . Why can’t you choose not to choose?

5.  How do you usually respond when faced with new knowledge of truth?

6.  Read Romans 1:18-2:16.

        a.  How does God’s wrath correspond with a person’s knowledge? (1:18-20)

        b.  Exchanging the truth of God for a lie yields what result? (1:22-28)

        c.  Describe the character of a depraved mind. (1:28-32)

        d.  Does the person of a depraved mind necessarily practice all forms of sin?

        e.  What does your recognition of someone else’s sin say about you? (2:1-3)

        f.  Paul explains that the Hebrew idea of morality was tied to the Mosaic law.  However, Paul continues that Gentiles (non-Jews) were still accountable to God according to their understanding of right and wrong, though they did not have the same revelation.  How is this so?  (2:12-16)

7.  Read James 4:17.  Conversely, what could be said of someone who does not know the right thing to do and then does it.  Is it sin?

8.  How does 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 relate to Romans 1:18-32?

9.  What does a willingness to obey the truth of God bring about in one’s life?

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