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In Sin Did My Mother Conceive Me - Discussion Questions

  1. How can one’s preconceived ideas affect our observations?

  2. What kind of literature is the books of Psalms?  How does that compare to books like 1 Samuel (historical narrative) or Isaiah (prophecy)?

  3. Should expressions in Psalms always be taken literally?  Why or why not?  Consider this while reading Psalm 51:7, 8, 17.

  4. Who is the subject of verse 5 and why is that significant?

  5. How might the historical context of David’s mother and the questionable circumstances surrounding his conception relate to David’s thoughts in verse 5?

  6. Notice that before verse 1, Psalm 51 is described as being written after David’s crimes against Uriah and Bathsheba.

  7. Imagine David’s mind under his guilt.  What parallel is David drawing between the questionable circumstances of his own conception compared to the actual circumstances that brought about his child with Bathsheba?

  8. Was David’s purpose of writing this Psalm to teach doctrine?  What does Psalm 51 express?

  9. Read Psalm 22:6-10.  Is David saying that he is not a human but an invertebrate?  Is David saying that he was actually saved from birth?

  10. For fun:  Compare multiple Bible translations of Psalm 51:5.

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