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Catherine Booth, The Salvation Army Mother - FREE eBOOK

We've all heard of The Salvation Army, but not everyone is familiar with Catherine Booth, co-founder of The Salvation Army and wife of William Booth.  Catherine Booth was an astute theologian and preached a challenging message of radical Christianity in England in the late 1800's

After God got ahold of her, she was a fearless preacher to both men and women, the refined and the common.  She and her husband's ministry invaded England with an evangelistic force of practical Christianity and revival theology that caught the nation off-guard.  They changed the social dynamic of England in the 1800's through their unrelenting commitment to loving God supremely and loving their neighbor as Christ did.  Among other great accomplishments, they fought hard against child sex-trafficking in England and succeeded in helping to pass new laws that protected children from slavery and abuse.

The Salvation Army was as aggressive of an evangelistic ministry as had ever been seen.  Their military-style uniforms, public street-preaching, and uncouth efforts to reach the lost were not always appreciated in their day, but the lasting impact of the Army's invasion on planet Earth is one of lasting blessing for all mankind, even today.

This eBook is perhaps the best place to start with her writings.  We hope these messages will challenge and motivate you to live more completely for the Lord and to reach the community around you with an uncompromising Gospel!

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- Joel

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